Farewell 2020

It’s the last day of 2020 and the world is happy to see this year depart and enter the history books.

I has been an extremely turbulent year and here in the US where the nation has not experienced a nationwide catastrophe throughout the country in a really, really long time, people are feeling as if the roof is caving in on them.

Many have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 and many more have lost their jobs and the homes. It is a lot of loss to face in such a short period.

I know that it is much easier said than done but once you are able to stay positive, have faith that things will recover, then they will get better. Take it from someone who has had to endure being evicted in the past and being homeless.

Although things will not change tomorrow for most of us, seeing the dawn of a new year gives us something to look forward to. Some self encouragement. Some hope. And in times such as these all we can do is hope and have faith.

For those of you that insist you must go out tonight to celebrate the new year and chase away the old, please be responsible. Your actions directly affect those around you. Be safe. Be smart. Be well. Wear a mask.



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