The First Michael – A Short Podcast Review

Everyone has a story to tell and some just tell it better than others. The First Michael – A Storytelling Podcast With A Twist, is one of those stories that is so interesting and well told that I could not stop listening.

Michael Buonocore and his best friend, Lanie Hoyo, took me on a touching, hilarious and emotional roller coaster ride of stories surrounding his origins as a boy adopted at birth in Brooklyn, New York.

In season one of the podcast, Michael dedicates the episodes to stories of his adoption and the discovery of his mother’s side of the family from DNA testing. This then makes him decide to find his biological father.

Season two goes into the actual journey of trying to find his father, the outcome of which only allowed for four episodes.

The podcast is a combination of Michael reading some stories about his life and the live banter back and forth with his friend Lanie (Where did that name come from anyway?).

The connection between the two friends is genuine, and as they cry and laugh at, and with each other, I did not feel like an intruder listening in to a private conversation, but like the third friend sitting on a couch hearing your two friends tell you about their adventures.

The podcast is only twelve episodes long over two seasons, and it was so indulgent that I listened to it over two days.

I definitely recommend you spend a day or two with The First Michael which you can find on most podcasts apps or at this link to the podcast’s website.

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