The Card

The Storyteller 350 Challenge 1/2/21

The Card

Taking a deep breath, she looked into my eyes and smiled a crooked smile that said she meant business. She had my world in her hand and she had every intention of using it to her benefit.

“Fourteen thousand dollars” she repeated as she playfully and teasingly dropped the SD card from one hand to the other.

“I don’t have that kind of cash” I told her as I felt the beads of sweat trickle slowly down my back, the tension in my chest making my heart race.

“Well, then your life is over I guess” she said playfully as she slowly closed her hand around the card that held the evidence. Evidence that I was not the man that I claimed to be. Evidence that would make the world see what I did not want it to. Evidence that I was a fake.

She turned on her heels, her summer dress flitting around like the wings of a butterfly as I watched her walk away.

“Wait!” I shouted in desperation yet trying to sound as calm as I could. She stopped to look at me.

“Please, don’t” was all I could whimper.

There was a change in her gaze. Gone was the evil glint of a blackmailer, replaced by what I interpreted as the glisten of compassion. I felt hopeful.

She took a deep breath, her shoulders dropping in surrender as she slowly walked back to me, her hips swaying in triumphant resignation.

“Here” she said as she held open her hand for me to take the dreaded SD card. I slowly took it from her palm, relief overwhelming my now sweaty body.

“Thank you” I said almost tearfully. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome” she said as a broad smile spread across her face. “You can keep that one. I have another copy. And now my price is fifteen thousand”

©️2022 Tate Basildon. All Rights Reserved

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