Writing Commitment

I started a recent writing challenge in the hope that I would be able to write every day, but realistically, life happened. Time sometimes does not allow for particular wishes to be fulfilled.

I visited one of the blogs also taking part in this challenge, and the person was expounding on the virtues of a true writer. Their definition of a true writer is “one that casts aside all life distractions and commits themselves daily to the task at hand.”

There is so much more that goes into writing, and one of the main ingredients in the recipe of authorship is not a commitment but life. Living and experiencing life every day and everywhere. Observing your surroundings and absorbing what it is to be a human.

And so what if you miss a day or two or three of writing? The words of your daily experiences may not hit paper or be stored on a flash drive. They are in your heart, churning, living, and waiting to be expressed perfectly at the right time.

Nothing is worse for a reader than trying to absorb the forced words of an author. And if I sit at my laptop and I don’t feel the words in me, then they aren’t ready to come out, and the reader will feel it if I force them out because the societal norm in the writing world says that I must write every day.

2 Replies to “Writing Commitment”

  1. Totally agree. There’s so much more to writing than just writing, and it’s taking me a while to learn that. I’m planning to address one of my weakest points, which is marketing. But living is also a good source for my creative well, which I’m also neglecting. Here’s to finding our path!


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