Daily Prompt: Lawbreaker

Have you ever broken the law and didn’t get caught, if so how?

My eyes glanced at the speed limit sign, the police car approaching me, and the car’s speedometer in a flash of a second.

“Shit!” I exclaimed to the universe, and I sped past the police car at fifty in a thirty-five-mile-per-hour zone.

I glanced at my rearview mirror and saw the red and blue lights flash on as the police car swerved to the right to make a U-turn on the tight, winding country road.

I knew I was screwed , and a speeding ticket was sure to put the icing on a day that was already going badly.

Making a quick calculation of how much distance I could put between me and the police car by the time he made that U-turn, I knew he would catch up to me quickly.

I could either stop now and await my fate or continue speeding and escalate this into an all-out car chase through the country roads of upstate New York.

I could not afford a speeding ticket plus the points on my license that would increase my car insurance payments. If I continued and this ended in a chase, I would be kicked out of Culinary School.

Then I remembered the apartment complex just over the rise. I stepped on the gas and throttled the car forward, reaching almost eighty miles an hour. I was sure I felt the car rise off of the road as it sped over the rise.

As I felt the car come back down to earth, I slammed on the brake and screeched into the apartment complex on my right, and quickly reversed into the one open spot I found.

I ducked below the dash and heard the roar of the police car as it whizzed by, the red and blue lights flashing onto my car’s interior.

I sat there for another five minutes to see if the police car had returned. As I was about to start the car, I saw the red and blue lights flashing in the distance.

I ducked below the dash again and saw the lights glowing inside my car as they slowly went in the opposite direction. I sat there for another ten minutes until I was sure he wasn’t coming back.

I started the car and inched my way out of the lot onto the road, and continued in my way, this time staying at the speed limit.

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